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Suggested additions to Excel reports page

  • Heya,

    Some possible ideas for additions to Excel reporting:

    1. Enable/Disable (I know this can be done by changing the cron parameters but this would be a much easier method. There is the potential of forgetting the original cron params if you disable this way)
    2. Run Now (button) (see #1)
    3. Copy
    4. When saving the report, stay on that report. Currently you are directed to a new template
    5. Possible bug: I have made edits to the cron params (that may not be valid) and then saved. I briefly see a red error message flash but are directed to the new template (see #4)
    6. Possible bug: I set the day of week to Friday, saved, and then tried to change to Thursday. I briefly saw a red message (see #5) and the change was not saved. Not sure why that change was not allowed (and there was no entry in the log file)


  • Hi Ian, thanks for the wishes / suggestions!

    1. Can you provide an example of one such pattern? Mango won't complain about the repeat modulus being greater than the periods max value generally. Syntactically it makes sense, it just doesn't add anything. I did try saving with my day field set to "NOO" and got a validation popup and not redirected from the page. I change it to "SUN" (with day of month as ?) and it saves. Was not able to reproduce.

    2. The "Select cron pattern" section can be a bit strange. Only the resulting cron pattern input needs to be correct.