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  • Hi,

    I am using Bacnet4j, I ma trying to register for event notifications ,

    please help me on this , how to implement the event enrolment for the bacnet device client

  • Hi revanreddy,

    I suspect you're looking for the DevieEventListener interface: You need to add a listener to the DeviceEventHandler for a particular LocalDevice.

  • I added deviceListener to LocalDevice is that enough to get events from bacnet device when some event are generated

  • Hello Guys
    I guess I have the same problem as revanreddy. The DeviceEventListener works fine for COV in datapoints like present value. But how do I get the Events/Alarms in the eventNotificationReceived

    I think, I have to set the localDevice as a receifer in the notifications class on the the remote device. Could you guys help me out with an example or test class?
    Thanks in advance!

  • Hi Andreas, welcome to the forum!

    I think, I have to set the localDevice as a receifer in the notifications class on the the remote device.

    Yes, this is correct. You need to add your device as a destination in the recipientsList property on a notificationClass object. Then, on the object you wish to use that notification class to handle cases of intrinsic reporting, you set the notificationClass property on the object doing the intrinsic reporting to the object instance number of the notificationClass object you wish to use.

    You may need to try a CreateObjectRequest if the remote device doesn't have any existing notification classes.

  • Hi phil

    Meanwhile I found the "Destination" type in the type package. I could registered the LocalDevcie on my RemoteDevices at the notifications class objects.
    Now I am goning to try the intrinsic reporting as you said.

    Many thanks for your hepl!