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Virtual Data Point Decimal Places

  • Hello,

    I have a virtual data source with a number of data points I want the operator to change by periodically setting manually.

    The virtual data points are analog. No logging is needed. The only time their value changes is manually from the operator (it is a seed value used in some other formulas). I think I have set everything up correctly, except for one thing I can't figure out.

    When I set the value, it seems to round up to two decimal places no matter how I set up the data point.

    So when I go to "Data Point Details" screen to set the value to 0.056837 it always sets it to 0.06 no matter what.

    The only place I can see to change anything like that is the "Text Render Properties" when I'm setting up the value. I have it set to Analog type and the Format is 0.000000.

    What am I missing?

    Thanks in advance

  • Nevermind. I rebooted the server and it started working as intended.

  • Hi fishfacs,

    Odd that it would have required any restarting, but glad you got it figured out!