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Invoke shell commands from a Scripting environment?

  • I received a question over the phone of if it were possible to invoke shell commands in an easy synchronous manner from a scripting environment. To that, I have this answer:

    Yes, it is very easy to get synchronous shell calling in a Mango JavaScript context. While we haven't added the ability to toggle this only on a per-script basis, you can have a script in Mango/bin/ext-enabled like


    if "%1" == "init" (
            rem Set the -scripting flag for shell extensions in JavaScript environments
            set JAVAOPTS=%JAVAOPTS% -Dnashorn.args=-scripting

    case "$1" in
            # Set the -scripting flag for shell extensions in JavaScript environments
            JAVAOPTS="$JAVAOPTS -Dnashorn.args=-scripting"

    Important to remember "init" is called on a stop, then start, but not on a restart (which calls the scripts with "restart")

    Which will give us the $EXEC option an the option to use backtick syntax, as well as several other utilities, expanded upon here: or perhaps:

    What this will enable us to do in a Mango script is:

    //Linux only, Windows may have PATH issues.
    print(`echo "Wow that's awesome!"`);
    print($EXEC('echo "Alternative syntax?!?"'));

    It would also be possible for someone to invoke command line functions without toggling on the -scripting nashorn mode, using

    //Asynchronously kick off the command"command", timeout);
    //Synchronously kick off the command, get an object with the command and output back
    var response ="command", timeout);
    print( response.key );
    print( response.value );