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Username login permissions handling

  • Well I have found you cannot create a user with the same name, regardless of upper/lowercase.
    If you create a user with lower case and log in with an upper case initial letter, mango lets you in, but the permissions are not the same as the user with the lowercase login approach... and vice versa. Annoying as heck when someone manages to login then cannot see half of the pages they have permissions for because they used an initial capital instead of lower case...


  • Hi Fox,

    What version of Mango is that? Is it the latest? There was an issue where users were being cached with case sensitivity, but could login with any casing. This should have been fixed, though.

  • Oh shoot sorry, forgot to mention, 3.4.1....

  • Fixed in 3.4.3 probably!

    From the release notes,

    * Fix to use lower case username when interacting with the user cache

  • Looks like i'm going to have to find a way to upgrade sometime... Thanks man. Will see what I can arrange...