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ma-point-value: number formatting

  • I have an ma-point-value like so. By default it prints out 2 decimal places.

    How can I change the format to zero digits after decimal, or other formats?

                <ma-point-value id="dp-m1-houses" style="width: 40%; height: 25px; text-align: left; margin-left: 20px;" point-xid="DP_4d6ba9d6-116a-4922-9841-515a22710174" enable-popup="hide"></ma-point-value>

    Default format:



  • You can use in the text format settings for the respective points on the data sources page /data_sources.shtm (this applies to the rendered value only)
    <ma-get-point-value point-xid="DP_4d6ba9d6-116a-4922-9841-515a22710174" point="point"></ma-get-point-value>
    instead and with the point attribute use: {{parseInt(point.value)}} for only one decimal place use {{ point.value.toFixed(1)}}

    Plenty of resources are available in the vanilla javascript Math class:

    Hope that helps


  • @mattfox said

    instead and with the point attribute use: {{parseInt(point.value)}} for only one decimal place use {{ point.value.toFixed(1)}}

    Oh, you can use javascript functions inside the brackets of html ? I thought that you can only do basic math functions inside the brackets.

    Good to know @MattFox :)

  • You can albeit only the basic ones. As you will have discovered, anything requiring more than simple logic will need a component or a controller to manipulate data.

  • @mattfox said in ma-point-value: number formatting:


    you can also use a built-in Angular filter -
    {{point.value | number(decimal places)}}

    ...even when doing things you can't do more than basics - like
    {{point.value*256 | number(1)}}

    edit. Jared Wiltshire - examples given here are incorrect, see post by @Puckfist below.

  • Also true, but not everyone on this forum likes to play with JavaScript and are quite content with using what is available without making things too difficult for themselves.

  • Excuse me @MattFox - I thought you were discussing a javascript method solution in your answer. And, to your point, quite often what is "available" in the wonderful collection of Mango is not entirely obvious without a lot of time searching in multiple places - so some of us need to be content to use what we know. I'll try to refrain from suggesting javascript (actually angular components) in the future.

  • Far from it, if you have a solution that can benefit someone, show it and give examples. That's what this forum is for. All I am saying is that not everyone is comfortable as soon as you start mentioning filters or components etc.
    Yes what you have done works but sometimes simplicity is key.

  • It's definitely good to contribute methods of doing stuff, but it's best if those methods work (insert links to the many times I've said "untested" next to code snippets here...)

    I think your parameters to the angular filter have a syntax error, they should be colon delimited, as,

    {{point.value | number:N}}

    where N is the number of decimal places, like,

    {{point.value*256 | number:1}}

  • Correct! and point well taken - absolutely dumb mistake.