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Manage user profile permission

  • Is there a way I can prevent a user from seeing or accessing their profile from the UI dropdown?

  • Hi Phillip,

    Alas it is not currently possible. But, since this was possible in the old UI, it will likely become possible.

  • There is a way, but it involves only going as far as hiding the menu item. it doesn't remove the link in it's entirety.
    If that will suffice you will need to make a copy of the ui.main.js from
    /opt/mango/web/modules/mangoUI/web directory into the
    /opt/mango/overrides/web/modules/mangoUI/web What I did to get around it is search for the user menu item and insert into the <md-menu-item> at

    <md-menu-item >\n              <md-button aria-label="{{\'\'|maTr}}" ui-sref="ui.settings.users({username: User.current.username})">\n                <md-icon md-menu-align-target>person</md-icon>\n                <span ma-tr=""></span>\n              </md-button>\n            </md-menu-item>\n 


    So that only admin can see it.
    Dunno if that answers the question. But sometimes a hack is all you need...
    Would be keen to know Phil's thoughts...

  • @mattfox said in Manage user profile permission:

    Would be keen to know Phil's thoughts...

    You won't be able to prevent them from using the API to modify themselves, and since the page is ultimately just a wrapper for that, while I like the hack (didn't test it) it would be a bandage, not a fix. But, his question does explicitly ask about only hiding the menu item, so I gotta think you nailed it!

  • Thanks Phil, I use it on my site so I can assure you it works or i'd have serious problems with user permissions all over the place. Indeed it is a bandaid but with the way everything's packed with webpack now. Dev customising becomes a little more... awkward.