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  • Hi,

    I'm Andrex

    after some test of tcp transport I found some unexpected exception while send more than 1016 coil values.

    After decompiling modbus4J.jar shipped with the version 1.8.2 of mango I found that line 60 of


    /* 60 */ = new byte[ModbusUtils.popByte(queue)];

    is the origin of th exception.
    After changing the line to

    /* 60 */ = new byte[ModbusUtils.popUnsignedByte(queue)];

    (using unsigned value) my test pass correctly.

    I dont know if the original row is incorrect or if my change is a good correction, but I hope to be helpful.


  • Hi Andrea,

    Thanks for reporting this. You are correct, an unsigned byte should be popped at that point. I've made the fix in the code.

  • Oh, also, i believe a similar change is required in WriteRegistersRequest at line 59:

            data = new byte[ModbusUtils.popByte(queue)];

    ... should be:

            data = new byte[ModbusUtils.popUnsignedByte(queue)];