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Logs of HTTP Post to HTTP JSON Receiver

  • Hi all,

    Can we configure mango to log (in ma.log or other log files) of all the HTTP Post that goes to HTTP JSON Receiver (http://<mango-ip>:<mango-port>/httpds)?


  • Hi ricardo,

    It does not appear there is any such logging available to enable. It could be useful to add, for sure!

    I have added this to 3.4.1 of the HTTP module, which should be released fairly soon.

  • It was released. If you have This <Logger/> entry by the similar entries near the bottom of your Mango/classes/log4j2.xml file you would see the messages received by the /httpds servlet logged at debug level in the ma.log file:

    <Logger name="com.serotonin.m2m2.http.common" level="debug"/>

    You would need to reload the Log4J settings using the Log4J Reset section of /system_settings.shtm or restart Mango for that modification to the log4j2.xml file to take effect.

  • Tested with HTTP 3.4.1 and updated the log4j2.xml per your instruction. It is all good. Thanks.