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Controlling multiple slave points from a single master point

  • Someone asked recently how they could control the values of multiple points from a single click. Kind of like a "broadcast" of a set point. Today I got around to testing the idea that came to mind, but didn't want to suggest without being sure of it. Turns out it works nicely...

    Point linking is the key. In my test i created a new virtual data source with three binary points. The first is the "master" point, and the other two are "slave" points. All three are settable (with the "no change" setting so that they don't change on their own). I then enabled everything: points and data source.

    Next, i simply created two point links using the master as the source and the slaves as the targets. Creating a watchlist confirms that whenever i set the value of the master, the values of the slaves are also set. Individual set points failures will not kill the "broadcast"; individual failure alarms will be raised as appropriate. Also, if, say, one of the points needed to be the opposite value of the master, i can use the point link script to do the transformation.