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  • Hi,

    i try set a coil value in my I/O device but the time of the value is set, is much short. How i can set the value of a device for more time(or permanent)?

    sorry my ignorance...
    and thanks for your patience


  • The value that is set should stay unless the device is changing it back for some reason.

  • Hi Lohbihler,

    I need to know how can I set a coil value in my I/O device for 5 seconds?

    I try to use the point link, using the same point as source point and target point, but my code is not validated

    my code:
    TIMESTAMP = new Date().getTime();
    return source.value;

    thanks for your patience


  • No, that's not going to work. Here's what to do, assuming that you want to set the coil to "true" for 5 seconds.

    1. Create a point event detector on the point that fires when the point has been "true" for 5 seconds.
    2. Create an event handler for the event in 1) that sets the point to false when it activates, and does nothing when it deactivates.