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  • Hi,

    what does this mean:

    Points: 310, sent 310 requests, synced 249 records, target overcounts: 26, response errors: 0, elapsed time: 15.4s

    And what is the solution to the problem if it is one?

  • Hi Ralf,

    It means that for 26 points there was more data already on the receiving end than data on the publisher's side for the period checked. Usually this is caused by a point with interval logging on the publisher transmitting its realtime updates as opposed to logged events, then the receiver's default point logs all data if the receiver is configured to save real time data, and that amounts to an overcount. It can be possible other ways (disk getting full, importing extra data at receiver, etc), but that's what I'd guess caused it here. The solution to prevent it if that is the cause would be to change your publisher's publish event to logged data instead of updates.