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Cannot save datapoint "a server error has occurred"

  • Hi all

    help me please. I can not save a datapoint. It shows a server error has occurred. I need to fix it back to save again.


    Thank you.

  • Hi benaznbe,

    Please consult your Mango/logs/ma.log or Mango/bin/logs/ma.log file

  • @phildunlap I see the file you told. What do I do next?

  • You read the end of it, looking for a line that begins with ERROR and then you either deduce the next step to take by searching the error, which I encourage, or you post it here with a line containing three ``` marks above and below the copy-pasted text so that the lines format nicely.

    If you have a bash shell you can tail -f logs/ma.log and then cause the server error to see the relevant information that would enable me to help you, or you to help yourself.