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  • Hi, all

             I'm looking for a way to make an event alarm report, but I can not find it. I do not know how to send an alarm event to an excel report.

    thank all

  • Hi JoHn-Beer,

    Currently there are not direct ways to get event data into excel reports. If one wishes to do that, one would probably need to use event handlers to store the relevant event data into an alphanumeric data point you could link into the report.

    In this thread I discussed how to set a value to an SQL point to change the events message throughout Mango. If instead of setting to an SQL point, you set a human readable value to an alphanumeric point, then you can use that anywhere you would use a point.

  • @phildunlap 0_1525396685128_Untitled458.png
    I want to click export in the image. Then excel report form attached.I can use Report template function of excel reports like this image.

  • Ah.

    Looks like I wasn't fully aware of the option here. If you read the documentation in the blue help question mark (?) on the excel report page, then click the link to the help on "Creating excel templates" you will see a section like....

    Basic support for events is provided. To include events for all data points in the report you can 
    define named ranges that will be populated by any matching events within the Series start and 
    finish times. If you choose to define any of the listed named ranges a query will be done on the 
    Events table which will incur some performance hit. A list of the optional range names is here:
    eventsDeviceName - The device name for the point in the event. (String)
    eventsPointName - The name for the point in the event. (String)
    eventsLevel - Level of event. (String)
    eventsTime - Time of event creation. (Date)
    eventsMessage - Message for the event. (String)
    eventsStatus - Status of the event. (String)
    eventsAcknowledged - Has the event been acknowledged. (Boolean)
    eventsDuration - Duration that the event was active. (Integer milliseconds)

    That should enable you to have all your point events from the time period in the report, but not system events.

  • @phildunlap I see blue help you say. I'll put event into an excel file. I still do not understand. Can you please show me some examples?

    Thank you.

  • Simply define named ranges with all the names above, eventsDeviceName eventsPointName eventsLevel eventsTime eventsMessage eventsStatus eventsAcknowledged eventsDuration and all the point events from the period will be in the excel report. Here's a template with one time range, a data range, and all the events ranges.


  • @phildunlap
    Thank you for support

  • Hi @phildunlap, I have 300 data points that are set with 300 different event detectors. At the end of every day, I want the list of all the events that occurred in the past 24 hours to be emailed to a designed email address. That means, do I have to select all the 300 data points when preparing the Excel Report -> Time Periods section? Thank you.