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Interface for controlling inputs from other application. Either using API, Web Service

  • m@
    Can mango be provided with a API, Web service so that it can be used to communicate with other external applications?

    For example : Sending Control commands from Central Mango to regional mango
    Executing some action on mango based on analytic from external applications...etc.,

    What I would like to know is if this feature can be easily enabled or if it requires a complete architectural re-work?

    Based on the feedback we could request you for your professional services(required quotes and your time lines).


  • Matthew,

    I read this related post

    "In Mango, no. The system is too integrated. But since you asked, Serotonin is currently developing a "next generation" of Mango that will have this capability. "

    Can you please let us know the features and capabilities of NEx Gen Mango?

    Thanks and regards,

  • We are referring to the system as Mango Automation, or MA for short. There aren't too many details just yet, but there are two initial goals:

    1. MA will be a framework more than an application. It's core is a scripting language whereby users can use a large library of functionality to create the exact system that they require. Compare with a web application server; the product will greatly simplify the task of building the exact application you need.

    2. MA will be module-based, and will have an API via which new modules can easily be plugged in. (Pretty much just copying a jar file into a directory.)

    MA will start life focused on more small-scale and specific usage, rather than enterprise level all-inclusive functionality (a role which Mango M2M is more suited for). It may eventually accumulate enough functionality such that it can replace M2M, but not for its initial release.

  • Naren,

    To answer your initial question, yes, this functionality can be added to Mango. Depending on your exact needs, there are a few of ways this can be done: 1) extend the HTTP publisher or create a new publisher, 2) use a data source that can act as a peer in a network (like BACnet), or 3) create specific functionality for inter-Mango communication.

    As i say, the correct solution depends on what specifically you need to do. Quotes and time lines can be provided once the details have been worked through.