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Thanks for PriorityArrays, maybe OutOfService?

  • Hi, we currently use BACnet4J on our bachelor internship project. Yesterday or so we figured out it didn't already support proper priority handling which kind of upset our customer ;). As we're on a tight schedule for delivery I was relieved to see someone requested this the beginning of this year and you delivered! A big thanks for that one ;D

    So still we wonder why OutOfService is not supported, yet (any pitfalls associated?)? We're going to implement that on ourself for now (see tight schedule == first version on friday).

    But above all I want to thank you for your great work you've done and are doing here!

  • Hi,

    Thanks for your comments. The fact of the matter is that BACnet4J was born out of a need for an operator-side protocol implementation. This is why to date there is device-side functionality that is not implemented. OutOfService remains undone only because no one has yet ask for it - until now.

    When time permits i can take a look at it, but having something for tomorrow is unlikely. If you end up doing it yourself and want to contribute the code back, it would be welcome.