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  • Salutations from Australia :-)

    First-up thanks Matthew for the source release. Open source rocks.

    Before we commit to using bacnet4j we have a couple of questions:

    1. how widely has bacnet4j been tested against "real devices"?

    2. do you have a compiled list of existing/known issues with the codebase?

    3. is there a "portfolio" of existing virtual bacnet devices that could be used for testing/learning?

    If you're looking for constructive criticism, the biggest issue(s) we have with your code is the lack of doco... I think the codebase would benefit tremendously from the addition of some documentation to each of the main classes in the library, and some unit/functional tests that work "out of the box".

    Assuming we go with bacnet4j (my boss is concerned about the lack of doco/tests), we would be interested in returning our fixes/improvements/tests/etc back to sourceforge if you're interested.


  • Hi Matt,

    First-up thanks Matthew for the source release.

    You're welcome.

    Open source rocks.

    Except for the guy supporting it. In general i don't have the information you are requesting. Not everyone who uses the software tells me so, much less describes how they are using it with detailed equipment lists and such.

    Also, I apologize for the lack of documentation. I'm still waiting on someone who freely uses the software to contribute such a thing back to the project.