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Unclear how to get at the unconverted value in maPointValue new dashboards

  • The legacy <ma-point-value point="myPoint1" display-type="rendered"
    does not seem to make any diff...I would like to display the original unconverted for display value and not sure how to do that from this directive?

    <ma-point-value id="47fc740d-e7e9-4db4-a675-62c4d56e061b" enable-popup="hide" style="position: absolute; left: 592px; top: 112px; width: 87px; height: 45px; z-index: 2; font-size: x-large; font-weight: bold;" display-type="rendered" point="designer.points | filter:{name:'INDOOR AIR TEMP °'}:true | maFirst"></ma-point-value>

    How can I use {{mypoints.renderedValue}} and {{mypoints.value}} with the new dashboard designer format?

  • OK Got It!! after I manually entered display-type="rendered" I get a dropdown list for the other options and WOW the option "raw" was there and it is working now ... a bit tricky to find these parameters but still very impressed with the UI. Would be nice to have some more features like aligning components and making them the same size with a button click like adobe illustrator lol . still a fantastic leap forward in UI functionality. Thanks again.

  • @Phillip-Weeks you can select multiple elements (Ctrl-click) and set their "left" or "top" properties simultaneously to align them.

  • Yes that's what I finally realized.. In general the more like illustrators UI feel you can make this UI the better suited to this job it will become. If you are not steady with the mouse it deselects everything and is the frustrating aspect of this solution. An eyedropper for color selection would be useful tool as well.
    Still a great start.

  • @phillip-weeks said in Unclear how to get at the unconverted value in maPointValue new dashboards:

    An eyedropper for color selection would be useful tool as well.

    You mean for selecting colors which are elsewhere on the page?

  • Yes when designing a page sometimes we would like a specific color we see somewhere else and if we could import that image we could use an eyedropper tool to select the exact rgb color.. right now I bring the graphic into Illustrator and use that eyedropper to find the rgb values. wishlist thing

  • This post is deleted!