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Custom setting of Theme with uiSettings.json is not working for me

  • A recent post and article say that custom themes can be created /edited in


    and/or placed in

    ${MA_HOME}/overrides/web/modules/mangoUI/web/ui/uiSettings.json .

    1. Not working for me by either changing uiSettings.json in its original location or by putting it in ${MA_HOME}/overrides/web/modules/mangoUI/web/ui/ .
    2. In fact ${MA_HOME}/web/modules/mangoUI/web/ui/uiSettings.json. doesn't even change when default is changed in /ui/administration/ui-settings , yet that information is stored somewhere because on restart it the changed default does come up. But where?

    All modules are updated as of today with core 3.2.1+20170828224743

  • I assume this is the article you have referenced? It is pretty comprehensive.

    Copy the file to overrides and modify it there. The json file will not change when you change settings on the UI settings page. The JSON file contains defaults and extra information such as palettes etc.

    I suspect the problem that you are having is that the old JSON file is cached when you view the UI settings page. Clear your browser cache before visiting the UI settings page and you should by able to select your custom theme/palettes.