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  • Hello,
    We have some DNP3 equipment that communicate over serial modems. This equipment occasionally loses power and can lose the current time/date setting it back to Jan 1-2000 which messes up the data history. Is there a way to send a timestamp over DNP3 to them? This is a common feature where if the device requests time, the scada system will update it.

    If there isn't a way to do it through scripting, is it possible to add this feature?


  • Hi Frank, welcome to the forum!

    The module doesn't support this currently, and it wouldn't be trivial to achieve through the scripting options.

    It looks like the protocol implementation library, DNP34J, does support setting time out to a device, but not synchronizing (it does identify these as distinct, but doesn't implement synchronizing). It didn't look like it would be too much work to wire this up. I've sent you an email with a few modifications to have a button to send the time out and some questions and whatnot. Let's communicate there and see if we can get this feature added.