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how to change points automatically without change background photo?

  • how to change points automatically without change background photo? i wanto make a drop menu for selection, when i select number01 then point change to show the value of "PLC01 - temperature", when i select drop menu number02 the data shows on photo can be automatically change to "PLC02 - temperature" value, etc.

  • @mothgo990 : what i mean is i have many machines(PLC) use the same photo, i do not want to prepare and modify 100 photoes for 100 machines.

  • Welcome to the forum mothgo990!

    I don't understand what you're asking. Can you post screenshots? It sounds like you are designing a dashboard, but it is not clear what tools you are using to do so (Dashboard Designer, Graphical Views, etc) or what the use of the background photo is in your application. How does modifying photographs relate to Mango?

  • for example, there is a 8 room house, each room have a temperature sensor, so I put 8 analog points on the photo. But the whole building has 30 sets of such houses with the same layout. so I do not want to upload the same picture 30 times and put those analog points on each photo one by one manually for repeat 30 times.
    so I hope they can share the same layout photo and analog points, and when i click link "house01", the background layout photo do not change, but the analog points' value switch to show house01's temperature, and when i click link "house02", the background layout photo do not change, but those points' value automatically change to show house02's, and so on. how to handle this?
    alt text

  • You are talking about Graphical Views. Being explicit upon request is helpful, even if there could only be one proper inference.

    Yes you can do this. I would advise...

    Either A)

    1. Export your graphical view on the import export page.
    2. Change the xid, name of the graphical view. Change the dataPointXid fields in the components before import for each building to avoid having to go through and change them all in the UI. Import.
    3. Repeat 2 for all your buildings.

    or B)

    1. Hit the copy view button while viewing the one you have created. Edit the components to refer to the right sensors.
    2. Edit the name
    3. Repeat 1 and 2 until you have all your buildings.

    4) Go to the SQL console page, SELECT name, background FROM graphicalViews;
    5) Upon finding the path to the background you want for the others,

    UPDATE graphicalViews SET background='/modules/graphicalViews/web/graphicalViewUploads/1.png' WHERE background IS NULL;

  • thank you very much! althrough there are still a lot of work and easy to make mistakes through modify codes, i prefer the old method to repeat draw and set 30x8 times, however, if there are 100 houses x 30 sensors or 1000 house will be a huge workload.

  • @mothgo990 You can do this very easily using the new Dashboard Designer tool. We are phasing out support for the Graphical Views module.

    Here's a high level overview of how to achieve what you are asking:

    • Create a "Point query" watch list using the "Watch List Builder". Add a parameter for the house number/PLC number and use this in the query.
    • Create a new page using the "Dashboard designer"
    • Link the watch list you created by selecting it from the "Choose a watch list" drop down
    • Add your background image to the page
    • Add and position components from the "Point value" section on top of your background image
    • For each point value component you add, link it to a point from the watch list (under the element specific section on the right). The points link by point name e.g. "Room 1 temperature"

    There is a help article/video here which shows the workflow in more detail.

  • that looks great! I would like to make a try, thanks!