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  • Re: how to handle missing datapoints

    Dear Phil, is there a way to edit the datapoint value at specific timestamp, or set the value of any datapoint at specific timestamp?

  • Yes, quite a few ways actually.

    The easiest is the data import module. You can export CSV or Excel data from the point details page (the old one: /data_point_details.shtm), then use the add/delete column to modify/delete. "Adding" a value at the same timestamp as an existing value is like editing the value: the first will be replaced by the latter.

    One way to set arbitrary data to points from times in the past is to use a scripting data source and check 'saves historic'. Then all the .set(value, timestamp) calls will bypass logging type and the events system and just get inserted.

  • Hi phildunlap, is there a way to pass the timestamp from UI to scripting data point? Currently it seems to me that at least 2 meta data points will be required to key in the value and timestamp then referred from scripting datapoint to call .set(value,timestamp) - resulting in a total of 3 datapoints.