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Hi All , javascript function to change multi-modbus serial point value

  • hi all , i wanna to make an javascript function to loop into set of modbus settable points to change it's values , actually to toggle on/off each point depends on parameter that i should provide.
    i found something here but it serve only one point value , lets say that my data points name are b1_r01,b1_r02,b1_r03,b1_r04 ... b1_r08 , i wanna to change it's values after pressing on a button in a page using dashboradV3.1.
    and here the script i found:
    <script>function togglePoint( dataPointXid ) {
    var getPoint = new XMLHttpRequest();

    getPoint.addEventListener('load', function() {
        //Consider returning if empty response text
    	var point = JSON.parse( this.responseText );
    	point.enabled = !point.enabled;
    	var putPoint = new XMLHttpRequest();'PUT', '/rest/v1/data-points/'+point.xid, true);
    	putPoint.setRequestHeader( 'X-XSRF-TOKEN', /XSRF-TOKEN=(.*?);/.exec(document.cookie)[1] );
    	putPoint.setRequestHeader( 'Accept', 'application/json' );
    	putPoint.setRequestHeader( 'Content-Type', 'application/json' );
    });'GET', '/rest/v1/data-points/'+dataPointXid, true);
    getPoint.setRequestHeader( 'X-XSRF-TOKEN', /XSRF-TOKEN=(.*?);/.exec(document.cookie)[1] );
    getPoint.setRequestHeader( 'Accept', 'application/json' );



  • Hi Joe,

    Sorry this took so long to respond to. Is that toggle function working for you? You could tie your button to call a function that calls the toggle function several times,

    function toggleStuff() {

    but perhaps your question is more complex? There are also endpoints for updating several data points at once, if you wished to make fewer API round trips, the /rest/v1/data-points endpoint (not data point xid, must be supplied in each point in the list in the PUT content.