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  • Hi,

    I'm using the dashboard designer (v3.1.2) through the markup editor to plot 4 different meter readings in the same graph. Because the readings aren't necessarily around the same values, I would like to have a double axis on the right and a double axis on the left, so that each reading can have its own scale.

    Is it possible to do so?

    Thanks :)


  • Yes, that is super easy to do, if you use the watchlist page to build the chart and the maWatchListChart component in the designer

    See this option on the watchlist page when you are building a chart:

    0_1498570823698_Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 9.39.55 AM.png

    Here is a training video on the support site that goes over using the watchlist page to build charts and then display them on the dashboard designer, you can ignore the part about making the watchlist dynamic probably:

  • Hi @Will-Geller, thanks for your reply.

    However, I'm not using watchlists and I'm hardcoding the page, as I've discovered that the dashboard designer doesn't offer all the flexibility that I need (my bad, I said I was using the dashboard designer in my first post when actually I'm not, sorry).

    When checking the maSerialChart from the API Docs, the default-axis can be 'right' or 'left'. How can they be scripted to be outer right and outer left?



  • You would use:

    series-1-axis="left" series-2-axis="left-2" series-3-axis="right" series-4-axis="left-4" 

    I will update the docs to show the outer axis values

  • Excellent, this is what I needed!
    Thanks @Will-Geller :)

    (I changed series-4-axis to right-2)