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Updating Mango Automation and specifying IP address

  • I've inherited an instance of Mango Automation that was set up years ago without much in the way of documentation and on an infrastructure that I'm wanting to sunset. I've created a brand new VM and installed the latest version of Mango. My goal is to create the configuration in the new version to match the old version and then turn the old version off. Mango is being used in this context to allow us to schedule when a set of AC/heating units kick on/off.

    My first step in creating the new configuration is to set up a data source. The existing system uses BACnet/IP and the configuration screen allows me to specify:
    Broadcast Address: a textbox with the static IP of whatever controller is doing the work on the HVAC system (I know little about this)
    Port: a textbox
    [a bunch of timeout and retry values]

    When I attempt to create the same data source in the new version of Mango, I cannot specify an IP address. Instead I get a dropdown for "local device" where the only option is "" and an interface to do a BACnet discovery, which does not return anything.

    If I know the local IP address that I want to specify here, how would I do that?

  • @reservoir I think I've figured out my issue here.

    Local devices are set up in the system settings because they are shared globally