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  • I'm looking for a simple way to hide elements (MA-Switch, etc) via the value of another variable polled from an external device.

    I've tried getting this to work with NG-hide, to no avail.
    I would think there should be a simple way to show/hide elements presented based on a Boolean Xid from another variable, but I can't find any information about doing this.

  • Hi there,

    this is quite simple to do here is a code snippet:

    <h3>Select binary point:</h3>
    <div layout="row">
        <md-input-container flex>
            <label>Choose a point</label>
            <ma-point-list limit="200" ng-model="myPoint"></ma-point-list>
        Point Value: <ma-point-value point="myPoint"></ma-point-value>
    <p ng-hide="myPoint.value">
        Watch me hide

    or to hide when false:

    <p ng-hide="!myPoint.value">
        Watch me hide


    <p ng-show="myPoint.value">
        Watch me hide