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Mango ES is running super slow. how do I speed it back up?

  • Mango ES has slowed down significantly. what do I do to speed back up? It takes 15-30 seconds to switch between different Tabs in Mango ES. It used to take less than 5 seconds to refresh. I know it's not my internet service since I can hit other devices on this link and they respond immediately.

  • Hi James,

    This could be a few things.

    1. Do you have a lot of events? A big events table can slow down page loads. You can purge your events in the "Purge Settings" section of the /system_settings.shtm page.
    2. Is your CPU usage very high? Depending on the age of the ES, it is possible there are things like Java updates that can help. There was a pretty significant bugfix in Java 8 in the 121 version. Looks like they're on 131 right now. You could discover this at the command line by doing java -version
    3. How your hard disk looking? As hard disks get full, system performance in general degrades until it is full, where data can no longer be recorded (but runtime logic that doesn't rely on the database should still function, but it would suffer).
    4. Have you done any configuration changes between observing the slowdown?