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In Mango Dashboard version 3, Admin template dashboard link is broken.

  • Below is my Mango Dashboard Admin Template URL -
    0_1495536016432_Mango Issue 2.png

    In the above page there is one option for "Click here to View the admin template" then below page is opening.
    0_1495535952521_Mango Issue 1.png

    This page is not loaded fully. That is only index.html file is showing the loading image. the content page , i.e., the home page is not getting loaded.

    In version 2, it was opening though.

    I have also tried to copy the entire folder structure to the override folder and kept it as described in help page of Mango Dashboard v3. But page link is saying broken.

  • Yes you are quite correct, we discovered that we have broken the adminTemplate in v3 too. We have patched the issue in our latest code branch and will release a fix soon.

    Bear in mind though that the adminTemplate should be considered largely deprecated now, we are encouraging customers to use the built in page editor / dashboard designer and menu editor. You should not create a copy of the adminTemplate unless you plan on creating a heavily customized app of your own (which requires you to maintain and update it each time we release a new version of mango).

    We will also update the documentation to reflect this. Sorry for any confusion.