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MangoES V1.0 boots into command screen

  • Hi all,

    our mangoes required to input username and password when turn it on.
    after logging i'm trying to run it manually using opt/mango/bin/ but also not working noted that we has not root password .
    screen shots attached.!2_1493887079502_18280780_1397790060267291_2039712051_n.jpg 1_1493887079502_18280174_1397790063600624_1809485502_n.jpg 0_1493887079501_18280002_1397790050267292_466648966_n.jpg

  • Hi Joe,

    This looks like a fairly old ES. I can't say I recall 'admin' being a login for ssh. Isn't your SSH user mango? Perhaps you can try to access it through Webmin at https://ip:10000

    Or if all we've got is the command line, you can ls /home

    On Linux systems you should use the script, like /opt/mango/bin/ start

  • hi phildunlap;

    completely right, it's Linux system and old ES , i logged as 'admin' using provided password and tried to access /opt/mango/bin/ start , system replied me that service already started .also web calling using name nothing working, when i list network settings using linux commands inet settings for eth0 is not configured , trying to do that required root password that we lost , also listing users command shows a lot of users , 'admin' one of them but it's doesn't have root permission to edit anything like IP address .
    one of those users is 'mango' has the required permissions , could you advice me what to do, may you can provide me with that user default password or any other work around in-order to config our network devices settings.

  • Hi Joe,

    Since it's an ES, you can email us with

    1. The serial number (MangoES2xxx)
    2. The GUID
    3. The purchaser of the ES unit

    and we can get you the password the unit shipped with.

  • Also, have you tried using the ES configuration module's network tools on the system settings page? If you can log into the Mango as admin, you can change the network settings if that module is installed.