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UNSOLVED How to calculate cumulative change in value only if certain condition is true

  • Hi all,
    I have a process where different solvents are added to a single vessel via actuator valves. The total weight inside the vessel is captured from a load cell.
    I want to create application where total amount of each solvent added to vessel is captured.
    For that I want to log the total amount of weight increment in the vessel when the valve is open.
    But I am not able to create a meta script point where total increment in weight when valve is in open condition is captured.

  • Hi gourav,

    It sounds like you want a numeric Meta point something like this...

    //valve is the boolean point controlling the valve, updating ontext, logging on change
    //total is the numeric point measuring the weight in the vessel
    if(valve.value || my.time > valve.lastValue().time) return "no value"; //we'll not be logging here... set data type exception to ignore!
    //Okay, valve just closed
    var values = valve.last(2);
    var difference = total.value - total.pointValueBefore(values[1].time).value;
    return my.vaiue + difference;