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  • Hi,

    Attached below for my script for creating a pie chart. I have 2 issues which I do not know how to do. Appreciate you can assist me.

    1. How to show datapoint value into the pie chart? Currently, it can be included by hardcoding it under "text:" However, I will like this to link to datapoint value instead of hardcoding it. I had put it as "text : myPoint.value" or "text : {myPoint.value}", it doesn't work. You can find this in the script provided below under section where "allLabels".

    2. How to show a value which is derived using formula into the pie chart? The formula is basically using the datapoint / 144 x 100. Refer to "text : 'Overall Efficiency 87% actual / target x 100' ".


    <ma-get-point-value point-xid="CRWPOE_KP_C01" point="myPoint"></ma-get-point-value>

    <p>The point name is "{{}}" and its value is {{myPoint.renderedValue}}.</p>

    <ma-pie-chart style="height: 300px; width: 600px" values="[ { value: myPoint.value, text: 'Actual', color: '#942192' }, { value: 2-myPoint.value, text: 'Gap', color: '#ffffff' } ]"
    titles: [{
    text: '',
    size: 15

    innerRadius: '60%',
    allLabels: [{
    y: '52%' ,
    align: 'center' ,
    size: 25,
    bold : 'true',
    text : '99',
    color : '#555',

    }, {
    y : '44%' ,
    align : 'center' ,
    size : 12,
    text : myPoint.value,
    color : '#555'}, {
    y : '20%' ,
    align : 'center' ,
    size : 25,
    bold : 'true',
    text : 'Overall Efficiency 87% actual / target x 100' ,
    color : '#555'}]
    }" ></ma-pie-chart>



  • Hi Felicia,

    It doesn't look like there really is a direct way to achieve what you're asking. However, have you considered putting the pie chart inside a div with another div absolutely positioned into the place you'd like the label?

    Something like...

      <ma-pie-chart style="position:relative;" ...></ma-pie-chart>
      <div id="pie-chart-center-label" style="position:relative; left: 75px; top: 55px;">Value: {{myPoint.value}}</div>