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BACnet4J does not appear to support using NPCI to write to a device with a Virtual MAC address

  • Hi,

    I'm trying to send BACnet commands through a Siemens Insight Server to a device with a VMAC address. The device is discoverable with a BACnet browser. Also, BACnet commands work fine with the device using VTS by specifying the VMAC address on the NPCI tab for reading and writing properties.. Unfortunately, I cannot access the device at all using its VMAC address from a Java program using BACnet4J.

    Perusing the BACnet4J code, I came across the following:


    • Network layer protocol control information. This class currently only implements the reading of information.
    • @author mlohbihler
      public class NPCI {

    Looking at the BACnet4J code further, it appears that the BBMD functionality in BACnet4J knows how to read a message containing a VMAC for the purpose of forwarding it on (as it's required to do) but, as the comment above indicates, it has no mechanism for writing to a device with a VMAC address.

    Does anyone know if there is a way to write to a device with a VMAC address using BACnet4J?

    Devices with VMAC addresses appear to be fairly common in large BACnet installations due to the existence a large amount of legacy non-BACnet equipment. Surely BACnet4J must have some means off handling these sorts of installations.