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ssh datasource settable datapoint bug in dashboards module

  • Hi.

    I am currently using the latest JAVA: 1.8.0_121.

    As I started my new project on the latest Mango Core 2.8.4 with a dashboard version 3.3.0 I noticed a strange bug in the dashboard ma-set-point-value function.

    The dashboard module seems to not like the ssh datasource datapoints as it is throwing an TypError to the console on browser when the ssh datapoint is being used.

    TypeError: Cannot read property 'dataType' of null
        at /modules/dashboards/web/js/mango-3.3/directives/setPointValue.js:74
        at m.$digest (/modules/dashboards/web/vendor/angular/angular.js:143)
        at m.$apply (/modules/dashboards/web/vendor/angular/angular.js:146)
        at l (/modules/dashboards/web/vendor/angular/angular.js:97)
        at J (/modules/dashboards/web/vendor/angular/angular.js:102)
        at XMLHttpRequest.t.onload (/modules/dashboards/web/vendor/angular/angular.js:103)

    As the point is settable and I can set it on the point detail page / watchlist / graphical views(when used inside server side script component) I am sure that this has to be dashboard module related...

    This is not a problem for now as I have just used a virtual point which I linked to the point and everything just works fine but extra points means extra load on the system etc...


  • Hi Thomas,

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

    I noticed it was working in our development branch, and I found the fix and applied it to 2.8. I have placed SSH 1.2.1 into the store if you wish to update. Let me know how it goes.

  • Hi Phil,

    Sorry but I have already finished with my project and set it up for my client after I noticed the upgrade.

    I will try it on my next upcoming project.

    I guess if you have fixed it then its okay, I was just bringing it out as I noticed it was behaving strangely.