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How to storing selected datapoint value across the pages of the mango dashboards.

  • How can I store selected datapoint value across the pages of the mango dashboards.

  • It sounds like this is not really a Mango related question but a web development related one.

    You probably want to use localStorage. Alternatively you could use cookies but I think you're most likely to want to use localStorage. Cookies are sent to the server with every HTTP request, which would be pointless in the case of a Mango dashboard.

    These APIs allow you to store data on the client machine for use at a later time. They have limitations and risks. The user can remove this data and it can expire when the user closes their browser or after a predefined period of time. You shouldn't store anything sensitive on the client side and when retrieving data, it should be treated with the same caution as any other input because it is easy for a malicious user to manipulate.


  • Have you had a look at the <ma-json-store> component? Adding this component to the html markup of your code provides a way of storing and retrieving data in realtime across pages, clients and web browsers. Unlike local storage data is stored in Mango's database and is synced in realtime across all screens.

    More info here: