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How to implement translation on Mango Automation system

  • Hello,

    As there is no conclusive post about how to translate Mango I had a few questions on how the translation actually works. Can the languages be changed for seperate users? As the posts about translations are a few years old and Mango has had several big updates in that time.

    As i noticed while going through Mango Github and forums that you have already several modules with translations but no information about how to use them and compile them with the current system.

    For people who are interested :

    There are several language translations there.

    For my question is that am I correct that the file is responsible for the captions on the whole system? And different languages properties files are with a syntax i18n-(LANGUAGE CODE).properties?

    I think that it would be nice to have a post about the translation , how to apply it and the functionality(can different users have different languages etc...).

    As this was the part which was beginning to get fuzzy on how to use and install them on my instance.

    As the dashboards module already has an translation module which is nice and if someone wants to use the whole system it would be nice to know and find a post where there is a guide on how to accomplish that as the .properties file is easily understandable.