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Extract data from jsondata using MangoAPI in excel report

    1. I am using the excel report to extract the data points/values from the MangoES without any issue. However I am at loss to extract the data from jsondata to be included in my excel report. Is there any simple method to achieve it?

    2. I have attempt to use Mango API in excel via http but have encounter a api token issue. What should I need to do in order to extract jsondata from MangoES into excel?

    Any help or suggestion will be appreciated

  • Hi Desmond,

    1. The SQL data source allows you to pull data from an SQL database table into data points, and then you could do anything with that information you could do with any other data point.

    2. I would consider the solution in (1), but I wonder what data you are storing in the jsondata table that you would be pulling into Excel? Why would you choose to place the data there, as opposed to in data points? If you really want the raw text from the table, you could be saving that information directly into an Alphanumeric virtual point and then pulling that into Excel.