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  • I followed instructions:
    "Copy the entire ${MA_HOME}/web/modules/dashboards/web/adminTemplate folder into the ${MA_HOME}/overrides/web/modules/dashboards/web directory, give it a new name"

    Now called admin - .../mango/overrides/web/modules/dashboards/web/admin

    Instructions say: "You will need to change the require line at the bottom of index.html to suit the name of the folder you create in overrides."

    I did that. Now that line in index.html says:


    Problems start the moment start when I try to open:
    Opens fine, but immediately switches to :

    When I change some "print-text" in app.js in the new overrides directory, those changes do show. But when I change any of the pages in the new overrides views directory e.g. home.html those changes don't show. Instead they show the old pages ${MA_HOME}/web/modules/dashboards/web/adminTemplate/views directory.

    Any advice?

    New install from 2.8.4

  • @Balistar
    There is also a line near the top of index.html that needs adminTemplate renamed, <base href="/user-dashboards/adminTemplate/">
    Sorry for the inconvenience, somehow that didn't make its way into the new documentation page.

  • This post is deleted!