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  • Re: ma-set-point-value display options

    So I'm trying to change setPointValue.html with something simple like changing what the button say's (instead of set), but I can't see where it declares what the button's text says. It doesn't seem to say it in the html or js file that I can tell.


  • It uses the translation file to pull the text set so you would change this part of setPointValue.html


    <button ng-disabled="!point.pointLocator.settable || result.pending" ng-click="result=point.setValueResult(input.value)" ma-tr="common.set"
          	class="btn btn-default" ng-class="{'set-pending': result.pending, 'set-success': result.success, 'set-error': result.error}"></button>


    <button ng-disabled="!point.pointLocator.settable || result.pending" ng-click="result=point.setValueResult(input.value)"
          	class="btn btn-default" ng-class="{'set-pending': result.pending, 'set-success': result.success, 'set-error': result.error}">TEXT</button>

  • Alternatively, create a file called (for English locale) in overrides/properties and put a line in there with the new text i.e. common.set=Set the point
    This will update the text everywhere in the application.