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Environment Canada Data Source Station ID Help

  • I'm trying to use the Environment Canada Data source for weather info from the web. It asks for the station ID of the weather station you would like to read information from, so I looked on google and it has ID's with 7 digits or some with 4 and so on. I have tried all types and each fails to get data. Im currently using Ottawa as my test because its the capital and I thought this would help. I was hoping that someone who has experience with this data source could get back to me and help me out.

  • Hi Jason,

    I had never used the EnvCan data source before, but I took a look to see if I could figure it out for you. Instead, I found some bugs! It seems the Canadian weather service updated the URLs for their data service, as well as the format of the data returned.

    Suffice to say, the data source doesn't work at the moment.

    From what I saw during my testing, though, it seems like it will be entirely fixable and shouldn't be too difficult. I created a Github issue aboot this:

  • Hi Jason,

    I was able to get the EnvCan data source working (I think) and have placed it into the store, version 1.2.1 compatible with Core 2.8.x

    I was able to get data from station ID 702, but its data ends in 2012:

    it appears to get cold in Canada with some periodicity....

  • For anyone wondering how to find out a station ID, I was using the website of the Canadian climate service, searching for a city and extracting the station ID URL parameter from the URL. The website is here: