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HTTP Publisher / snapshotSendPeriod not saved

  • Hello,

    We have a little issue with the HTTP Publisher. We need to send some datas to an API but the snapshot settings are not saved correctly. We enable "Send regular snapshot" setting, save the publisher but when we come back on the page, the checkbox is disabled.

    Thanks for your support.


  • This is a bug introduced in 2.8.0.

    2.8.4 will be released tomorrow to fix this. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for bringing it to our attention.

  • 2.8.4 is released in the store, and this has been fixed. Sorry and thanks again!

  • @phildunlap Hello
    Thanks for the quick answer.
    Normally i can see the 2.84 release when i go on the Modules pages and click on "Check Upgrades" ? I'm in 2.8.2 but i have the message that all modules are up to date.


  • We're in the midst of uploading a fresher version of 2.8.4 because lots of people were encountering problems with the compiled JSPs. Should be available in about a half an hour.

  • You should be able to update now.

  • Yes. Upgrade in progress. Thanks a lot

  • Hello

    Now we can save the settings.

    But we have a little issue. The snapshot interval settings seems to have no impact on my system.

    Here the current settings. Is something wrong ?



  • I just tested this on my system (2.8.4) and it works as expected. This feature is used to publish the current values of all the Publisher's points at the specified Snapshot interval. The only caveat is if the source of the published data points is disabled or if the point has no value at all they will not be published at that time.

  • Hello

    I have a little issue more with the HTTP Publisher.
    We have log the GET request on a web test server, and we have this scenario :

    1. First value that Mango send : All OK.
    2. Second and next values that Mango send : The GET parameter is concatenated to the previous value...

    Example :

    Parameter for http publisher is : test
    URL for the http publisher :

    First send ->
    Second and next sends : .....

    The web server is catching the first value of the GET string and we never have an update for this points.


  • Hi SimnetSA,

    Is it possible that your receiving side is not sending responses to the HTTP GET requests? From the publisher documentation:

    HTTP response
    Any other response code than a "200 OK" is considered an error, and an alarm will be raised. In addition, any response content included with an OK response is considered to be warning information. The Raise result warning setting controls whether the existence of any response content causes an information alarm to be raised including the content in the event message.

    If a status 200 OK is not returned, There is no way for the publisher to know if the value was received, so it would continue to publish it.

  • Ok i understand.
    I thought that the Publisher send one requet per point but it send a lot a point on one request. We have change the php script to catch all values and now it's ok. Thanks !