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  • Periodically an error occurs that entirely fills my screen. Questions:

    • How do I prevent this from happening
    • This type of error happens everyday - how should I deal with it.

    0_1480696929560_Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 11.41.46 AM.png

  • Hi mlavelle,

    There would be a couple options. You could do one of the following,

    1. Figure out why that error is occurring and resolve it.
    2. Edit Mango/web/modules/BACnet/classes/ edit event.bacnet.readDevice from 'Read properties from device at {0} failed: {1}' to 'Read properties from device at {0} failed' (This solution won't persist through any upgrades, but could be redone)
    3. Change the event level for that BACnet data source's "Device Error" to Do Not Log or Ignore