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  • So I have moved everything from the MyAdminApp to the mdAdminApp

    Can I make a second instance of the mdAdminApp so I can load it on a different URL.

    example. = mdAdminApp instance 1 = mdAdminApp instance2

    will this affect the user login functions.

  • You can certainly copy the mdAdmin app folder and try it. It's worth noting that if you do this you are creating your own custom app and you are entirely responsible for all upgrades to it in the future and we wont be able to provide much support.

    If you want to try it here are some details. You will need to change the local storage prefix on at least one of the apps for the auto logins to work independently.

    At the start of app.js:

    var mdCopyBootstrap = angular.module('mdCopyBootstrap', ['maServices']);
    mdCopyBootstrap.config(['localStorageServiceProvider', function(localStorageServiceProvider) {
    var mdAdminApp = angular.module('mdAdminApp', [
        'mdCopyBootstrap' // <-- add this

    Toward the end of app.js, change maServices to mdCopyBootstrap

    var servicesInjector = angular.injector(['mdCopyBootstrap'], true);

    In order to get independent pages and menus you will also need to change these constants at the top

        .constant('CUSTOM_USER_MENU_XID', 'beta-app-custom-user-menu')
        .constant('CUSTOM_USER_PAGES_XID', 'beta-app-custom-user-pages')

    And change this reference at the bottom

        var userMenuPromise = JsonStore.get({xid: 'beta-app-custom-user-menu'}).$promise.then(null, angular.noop);

  • Yeah. I don't want to do that. I am just trying to make an environment where I can try new things without disturbing our customers.

    For some reason lately, when I log in. I get a Error 403 Forbidden

    HTTP ERROR 403

    Problem accessing /modules/dashboards/web/. Reason:


    I am wondering if I referenced something wrong in my app.js.

    Also, I am still getting a user error. I can't add or edit my users now.

  • @atkins.chrisw
    You can always create a page and set the permissions on it so your users dont see it.

    You are going to have to elaborate more about the errors you are getting for us to help you. For starters when and where it happens and your console output. The login issue in particular is strange, as a 403 means that you are not logged in, perhaps record your screen as this occurs with the console open so I can see exactly what is happening here, you could post it to YouTube.