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Mango 2.8.0 Ready for Beta testing

  • Greetings users and clients!

    Our development team is polishing Mango Automation 2.8 for release, and we're extending an invitation to those interested to download a Beta copy and help us identify any issues prior to our formal release in the next week.

    Mango Automation 2.8 comes with speed improvments on Core database tables, a new alarm level, a batching system that can drive the NoSQL database up to over a million point values per second, handling for those pesky "FATAL TimeoutTask rejected" errors to shed light on exactly what is occurring, automatic backups for MySQL users, and a host of other improvments you can find detailed in the RELEASE-NOTES. Most of our attention in this development cycle was focused on very large systems, but there are numerous bugfixes and performance improvments that benefit any user, large or small.

    Most modules are contained in the download, so if you are not licensed to use the NoSQL module you should remove Mango/web/modules/ from your web/modules directory or your instance will shut down in eight hours. DGLux is not included in this download, but the version for 2.8 is available in the store: so be sure to download that and place it in Mango/web/modules if you are a DGLux user. There may be other modules this applies to as well. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer the Alan Bradley modules for 2.8.x due to issues with the modules' vendor.

    MySQL users are affected by the addition of a, db.forceUseIndex=true (false is implicit if the property is missing, which it is. Other users are unaffected), and are encouraged to experiment with its benefits to their systems.

    As always, we strongly encourage you to upgrade with care. Please be sure to create a backup of your configuration and database. If you do experience an error, we'll be doing our best to get you prompt responses here on the forum.

    Thanks for being a part of our software! You can download 2.8 from the Github release:

    You will have to rename it to if you wish to have the upgrade scripts unpack it for you.

  • Hi,
    I unpacked the zip archive, copied its contents to existing folder of the previous instalation and get something like this (before this I stoped the application):

    Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: M2M2_HOME
    	at com.serotonin.m2m2.Main.main(
    ma-start: no restart flag found, not restarting MA
    ma-start: MA done

    and application is not starting.

  • Hi prezemom,

    I suspect you have two versions of ma-priv in your Mango/lib/ directory. I'm guessing you didn't delete your Mango/lib directory before copying the files in.

    The easiest way to perform the upgrade is (after you've made your backups) rename the zip to and let the ma-start script handle doing the upgrade for you by placing the new core in the Mango/ directory and restarting Mango. But, if you want to do it manually, there's some guidance here: in the 'Standard Manual Upgrade Instructions" section. Of greatest interest to this issue is deleting Mango/lib before copying in the new lib folder or unzipping but you should also delete Mango/work/jsp if you're doing it manually.

    Even though most of the JARs will have similar names, many have different versions and so don't replace the old jar in the directory. Then the ClassLoader may load the right versions of some JARs and the wrong version of others.

  • Hi,
    thanks, solved :-).