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  • I'm getting the following error:
    Abort(server=true, originalInvokeId=2, abortReason=Segmentation not supported)

    When I try to read the object listing using:
    ReadPropertyAck supportedServicesAck = (ReadPropertyAck)localDevice.send(d, new ReadPropertyRequest(
    d.getObjectIdentifier(), PropertyIdentifier.objectList));

    I am trying to get the object listing from a BACNet MS/TP using a BACNet IP to MS/TP router. Does this indicate that the remote device returned this error, or the local device?


  • Good question, and honestly i don't know. It's a complete guess, but i would first suspect the router since the device should report in it's details whether it supports segmentation or not. If you have traces of the communication it would help in troubleshooting.

  • Thanks for the reply.

    Can you tell me how to interpret the BACNet4J error output:
    "Abort(server=true, originalInvokeId=2, abortReason=Segmentation not supported)". Specifically what does "server=true" mean?

  • This is the documentation for "server" in the Abort APDU:

    This parameter shall be TRUE when the Abort PDU is sent by a server. This parameter shall be FALSE when the Abort PDU is sent by a client.