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  • I have record the sensor data about a week. Today the log window popup a window show the log limit number is 5000 samples.

    The follow is my data point log setup window.

    Can I change the maximum number of trendlog?

    Many thanks!
    Jack Chang

  • This setting has nothing to do with the data point settings, it is a chart setting for the pages.

    The limit is there because the chart slows down the page substantially when too many point values are charted. This message is used to indicate that using a rollup might be better. You can rollup the values into time period 'buckets'. So you could create a chart with 1,440 samples of minute averages by choosing:

    Rollup: Average
    Time Periods: 1 Minute
    Date Range: Past 1 Day

    If you really want to change the limit you can edit this file (but it will be replaced on upgrade of the dashboards module so you will have to replace it every time you upgrade.):


    Change Line 43 to whatever you want:

     * Used to limit the maximum amount of values that will be returned.
     * If more than this, the too much data method will be called.
     * @see PointValueDataProvider#tooMuchData
     * @type {number}
     * @default 5000
    PointValueDataProvider.prototype.maxPointValueCount = 5000;

  • @terrypacker
    I'm clear. I'm appreciated for your reply.