Our servers are cached by Cloudflare, but when Mango is behind their proxies, there is a user error appearing in the log, and AJAX calls fail:

WARN  2016-09-27 10:40:57,144 (com.serotonin.m2m2.web.dwr.MiscDwr.jsError:178) - Javascript error
   Description: Uncaught allowScriptTagRemoting is false.
   Page: https://mango.ia3.io:8443/watch_list.shtm
   Line: 16
   Browser name: Chrome
   Browser version: 53
   osName: Windows
   location: https://mango.ia3.io:8443/watch_list.shtm

Should I configure allowScriptTagRemoting as true? I know you have proxies implemented that allow such calls successfully; what is needed to allow these AJAX calls to succeed?