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BacNet Write Priority - Can I set the level ?

  • Hi,

    I am working on understanding the bacnet system and wanted to know if there is a way to adjust the priority of a bacnet write. It seems currently that the priority is set at 16, but some other devices are using 10 so I can't complete a change from M2M.

    Any ideas or suggestions are welcome.

  • Hi Mike,

    Is this a question about BACnet4J, or Mango?

  • Well, I guess it's a little of both. Some explanation:

    While using Mango with Bacnet-IP I can read all the points without any problems. However when I want to set a point value on the bacnet controller from Mango the write works fine with the exception that the value written to the controller is placed at the points priority of 16 (the lowest). The Bacnet controller uses the highest priority as the current value, the controller defaults it's internal write to be at a priority of 10.
    So any value I write to the controller is ignored because the higher priority level value takes precidence.

    At this time I would be happy to even update a file to hard code the level at level 10.

    I hope I have made some sense. I am not sure if this is related more to Mango or BACnet4J.

    I would love to see an option within Mango that would allow the user to set the priority level for each point that is settable. I understand that there is a lot more to it than just adding a field at the point level. Just something for future consideration.

    Thank you so much for Mango, I have been having so much fun learning all about it.

  • Ok, understood. This is all Mango since the priority setting is already supported in BACnet4J. To boot, it's a relatively simple thing in Mango to add a priority attribute to BACnet points, so this will be in the next release.

  • Hi M@,

    That sounds fantastic :D Thank you very much.