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Map support and quicker reuse of JavaScript code

  • We like to link the places of our sensors in a map (like Google Maps).
    Also easier copying of the same JavaScript code for Meta Points that are using different sensors. This feature is needed in the future if we have a hundred sensors that measure humidity, temperature and airflow connected into the Mango Server.

  • Re maps, do you mean have a map as a background and then put your point views on top of it? This is already possible by uploading a map image. You can even link to other views in a server-side script if you want a drill-down sort of thing.

    Re Javascript code, for functions to be commonly available just add then to the "/WEB-INF/scripts/scriptFunctions.js" file. (A Mango restart is required after editing this file.) If you definitely want to be able to copy scripts from one meta point to another, consider using the export/import functionality and copy your scripts directly in the JSON.

  • Thank you for the information.
    We try general JavaScript functions and JSON export/import functionality.
    About mapping: I mean that how we can show the places of the sensors in a Google Maps or other Web 2.0/Map application (like openstreetmap). That view would be public.

  • That would depend more on the mapping API than on Mango. Mango doesn't have any explicit fields for storing a point's geolocation information, so i'm not sure where you would be pulling that from. But, that's what something like Google maps would need.