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About proprietary property and proprietary object

  • Dear all,

    I want to know a simple thing before to start to use your BACnet4J : Is it supports readings and writings of proprietary properties and objects based on standard types ?

    At the moment, I have found only one solution which purpose this feature, the Cimetrics BACnet Explorer XML. And this solution is not free or under LGPL licence at all.

    I think that your project does not support this feature at the moment. But could it be simply adapted for this kind of usage ?

    Thanks for your work and your help, excuse me for my basic english ^^


  • Hi Guillaume,

    It should do what you want, but if not, let me know and we'll get it dealt with.

  • Thanks for your quick answer.

    I have begun to look at your API and to use your example.

    I have a problem with the DiscoveryTest. I am trying to use it with a device which does not support segmentation. I have check configuration for the RemoteDevice associated to my device, the segmentation is correctly set to none. But during the getExtendedDeviceInformation(), the last request use a segmented readPropertyMultiple and my device return an error.

    Do you think that you can have a problem in your API or maybe I am not using this one correctly ?

  • The getExtendedDeviceInformation uses a ReadPropertyMultiple request. The problem is that the you can't know how long the serialized version of the request will be until you serialize it, which happens during sending. You need to set the maxReadMultipleReferencesNonsegmented value in LocalDevice to something appropriate. It defaults to 20.

    But, getExtendedDeviceInformation currently only requests a single property (the object name). It's very unlikely that this request would segment even when sending to the most limited device. Can you be more specific about the error you are seeing?

  • I have posted my capture of WinPcap on the following link : .

    I have tried to reduce the maxReadMultipleReferencesNonsegmented this afternoon and with the value 19 rather than 20, I have no problem !

    Thanks for all.