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How to advertise self as a BACNet device?

  • Hello,

    Pretty new at this stuff. Browsed through the test program from downloaded source code. It seems to be scanning a arbitrary list of remote devices and reading/writing to the properties.

    But if we were to write an interface to the network as a device, what is the standard procedure to "advertise" or continuously broadcast ourselves to the network or central control system? Does it make sense?

    In other words, how to do signal to the system what our device is and what info we may have that is significant to the system that they should monitor? Or is there easier ways to communicate and achieve the same goal?

    Appreciate your time in advance.

  • Hi,

    Typically on startup of a device it sends out an IAm message, which announces its presence to all other existing devices. It optionally may then send a WhoIs request to discover all other existing devices (if it happens to care). I recommend you look further into these two messages for more information.